Brett I.
Dr. Inlow, as well as his associate, Dr. Chela, is an extremely kind, compassionate and insightful doctor. He is willing to go above and beyond to help with referrals, getting proper diagnosis and have a clear treatment plan, which he will adjust if it’s not helpful. He is comfortable with many modalities for pain issues, and is willing to individualize each treatment to the patient. He has been very integral to my health care plan. Dr. Chela is similarly insightful, kind and a very gifted doctor. I have seen him for caranio-sacral therapy, and I felt so much calmer and in less pain overall after the gentle touch. He has a calming presence and a good bedside manner, that helps calm the pain response and helps reset the nervous system. I would also highly recommend him.

Polina C.
Thanks to a glowing recommendation from a colleague, I saw Dr. Inlow for persistent neck pain. I have not had chiropractic care before and appreciated the time Dr. Inlow took to explain the sources of pain and steps of treatment. After just two visits I feel so much better and will gladly return when there is a need. I recommend this practice without hesitation.

Kristen K.
Dr. Inlow listened carefully to my symptoms and then used his expertise to ease a painful lock in my lower back. I could barely move when I came in, but thanks to his adjustments and healing modalities I feel much more fluid. I will definitely be back for future aches and pains.

Elizabeth M.
Very welcoming, timely, and informative. I trusted his advice and the first treatment I did with him immediately relieved my chronic low back pain for the rest of the day. I believe he will finally be the person to heal my lower back after months of discomfort and pain!

Jill P.
Dr. Inlow has the expertise to diagnose and treat. He takes the time to explain the nature of the issue with a holistic approach.

Monika A M.
I’m a personal trainer and I exercise daily- keeping my body pain free is key for me. I see Dr. Inlow regularly and no matter my issues- they are always addressed with either chiropractic adjustment, needling, tape, or other methods that are needed at thy given time. I feel confident sending my clients to see Dr. Inlow as well. All are very happy and their issues are addressed!

Paige D.
Informative, helpful and caring

Julia T.
This was my first visit to a chiropractor and I am beyond impressed. Dr. Inlow was extremely thorough, he explained everything in detail from what was going on with me to how he planned to fix it. He was careful and talked me through my first adjustment. He is also very friendly and kept things light which I always appreciate in healthcare professionals. I would highly recommend his practice.

Maria P.
Great care and expertise!

Leroy C.
Brett cares for his patients and seeks to give them the best care possible. Grateful for how he helps me to live healthy, happy, and whole.

Maria Z.
I am so thankful for Dr. Inlow’s expertise in providing the best care for me and my family. He is honest and professional in his approach, taking time to listen and then treat. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care and pain management. Also, Heidi is always so kind and helpful when I schedule appointments. They make a great team!

Trevor B.
I have an old back injury that flares up when I overdo it, which I have been. The day I moved to North Canton last month, I did a map search and called the nearest chiropractor, Dr. Inlow, to maintain continuity of care. Wow, am I glad to have stumbled on this guy! He’s smart, he knows his physiology and he takes the time to explain what’s going on with my body and how he plans to treat it. Most importantly, he has lots of tools in his kit. He does chiro, deep tissue, PT, acupuncture – all with the goal of keeping you out of his office, rather than dependent on it. I’ve never had such good care. I sent my wife. If you are anywhere near West Simsbury, go see Brett Inlow. He might change your life…

Heather B.
I am 6 months pregnant and have been experiencing discomfort in my back, neck, shoulders, arm and hand. I decided to visit Dr. Inlow and already within a week I am noticing significant improvement, specifically my arm and hand, which has been troubling me for over a month. During my initial visit, Dr. Inlow took his time getting to know me and assessing the necessary steps to help alleviate my pain. Dr. Inlow is knowledgeable, helpful, devoted, and willing to spend time with his patients. I am very pleased and would highly recommend him!

George W.
Dr. Inlow is very knowledgeable. He quickly identified the cause of my shoulder and neck pain. After identifying the problem, we discussed the methods he would use to help alleviate the pain. After the first session, my range of motion in my neck and shoulder had significantly improved. I look forward to continuing my treatment.

K L.
I was experiencing some pretty severe neck and upper back pain. Dr. Inlow went out of his way to see me that day. He explained the anatomy clearly in an understandable way, as well as a course of treatment. He is knowledgeable, kind and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from pain who wants to treat the cause.

Crystal M.
Dr. Inlow evaluates the problem and proceeds with an intricate treatment plan. He is extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend.

Joseph S.
I have been to several chiropractors, but none of them have been as thorough and caring as Dr. Inlow. He has helped me in ways no other chiropractor has been able. Thank you, Dr. Inlow!

Leroy C.
Brett knows his stuff. He walks you through the process of what he is doing and explains his treatment Of your body. His practice is truly holistic and he is able to approach your body from many different angles. He is warm and friendly and makes you at home in his office. I am so glad to have him nearby!

Kelly M.
Dr. Inlow is kind, compassionate, caring and very knowledgable. He explains the body in a way that is detailed but completely understandable. He has used various modalities to decrease my back, neck, and arm pain, as well as my chronic migraines.